We start by initiating a feasibility study including a competitive analysis & payout recommendation. We'll recommend the affiliate sites to be used along with the conversion process evaluation and recommendations. We'll also outline the marketing material that is required, recruiting targets, methodology and content in order to create the affiliate page.

  • Set up the affiliate infrastructure
  • Create ongoing promotions and regularly contact affiliates to motivate and assist them
  • Design plans for increasing sales conversion rates
  • Continually evaluate affiliate performance, metrics and competitor campaigns
  • Create and distribute compelling marketing material
  • Seek out and invite high-traffic, high sales sites to be your "Super Affiliates"
  • Create special revenue-sharing deals with large partners
  • Locate and recruit new niche affiliates
  • Submission of affiliate programme to affiliate directories and forums
  • Approve or decline affiliate applications
  • Communicate with your affiliates regularly, replying to questions / concerns of affiliates
  • Affiliate directories link management
  • Manual affiliate application review
  • Write and send a monthly affiliate newsletter
  • Regular activity and status reports
  • Fraud prevention

We implement a robust affiliate system on your website to build a network and monitor the traffic. Some typical features of the software include:

  • Graphical representation of referrals, unique referrals, sales and commissions
  • Paying affiliates on time against the agreed schedule
  • Clear, user-friendly interfaces
  • Concise printable payout reports from your browser
  • Tracking and rewarding up to 12 levels of commission to your affiliates
  • Easy set-up, integrating with a variety of billing systems
  • Customisable sign-up and stats login pages
  • Flexible sign-up form requirement
  • Automatically replicated website builds for your affiliates, including script to help build dynamically created order forms to insert the affiliate's code that's invisible to the average customer so they won't know they're being tracked
  • Ability to email all your affiliates easily – including personalised emails
  • Affiliate search: add, edit or delete them easily from your browser
  • Commission management: add, edit or delete
  • All of the available fraud prevention techniques are incorporated into the programme
  • Easily process commissions for recurring billing for subscription based sites