Our approach to planning your online marketing and advertising is geared towards the holy grail of ROI. Our 360 degree view of the Internet and how it is used by consumers underpins our ability to deliver effective campaigns.

Each market, company and brand has a unique set of trigger points that prompts consumers to become customers. We understand the effect of brand on response and our experience of using a variety of different 'media', both on and offline to drive website traffic and sales is unique.

Of course online 'media' is very different to offline. Whilst it will be key to increasing awareness, it will also be key to driving more immediate sales and should also be used as part of your data strategy for ongoing customer communication.

Online 'media' is also more than buying a few banners. Whilst they come in many different shapes and sizes there's behavioural targeting too, not to mention social media.

Whether you're looking to build brand awareness on high traffic sites and portals, or something a little more sophisticated, Tornado will deliver the most effective campaign.

The key to any campaign, regardless of strategy, is ongoing measurement and refinement in order to understand what's working and what's not. Daily monitoring of results by our team, weekly reporting, and post campaign reviews are integral to our culture. Our campaign planning and optimisation tools, combined with traffic analysis reduces wastage, and provides us with an understanding of the cost benefits of rich media versus static creative, networks versus individual site placement as well as many of the other variables to be considered when planning your campaign.

Our approach to buying, and achievement of the best prices on the right sites will make your campaign stand out against the competition.