We understand the importance of delivering a successful affiliate marketing plan and that key to this is identifying the best affiliates for your product or service, and in this sense Tornado is totally impartial.

Most of the affiliate networks wait passively for affiliates to join the affiliate program, they can also be totally untargeted.

That's why at Tornado, we've developed customised solutions for every client and recruit individual affiliates that are tailored to that client. For example if a website sells school books, we recruit affiliates that are likely to attract the right audience, resulting in better quality leads.

Increasingly, given the size and growth of the market, there are more and more companies entering the market. We ensure only the right affiliates are used and that the process is as easy as possible, taking care of all the management for you.

Our affiliate management team use sophisticated tools and techniques to identify additional affiliates who are equipped to deliver relevant incremental traffic and sales. We communicate with the affiliates and support them to run successful programmes. We have an exclusive affiliate login area and communicate affiliate with affiliate forums, newsletters and emails.

Our goal is to generate high volumes of quality leads and to this end we continuously monitor our network of affiliates to ensure quality, not just quantity.