• Primarily a freight operator Norfolkline launched its passenger business across the English Channel between Dover and Dunkirk in 2004
  • The company was taken over by DFDS Seaways in 2010

  • Drive bookings from the UK website and develop sites in European markets

  • SEO across 7 European sites - UK, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania
  • Affiliate recruitment and management for UK and continental markets
  • Tactical campaigns including PPC, banner advertising, behavioural targeting
  • Website design, build and maintenance
  • Tracking and reporting

  • Consistently high search marketing performance on the critically important keywords
  • Knocked P&O Ferries off the top place of Google’s natural rankings for the highly competitive and generic keywords, ‘Ferry’ and ‘Ferries’
  • Visitor levels increased by around 60% a year, with conversions, revenue and ROI all increasing by more than 40% a year
  • CPA declined by around 30% a year
  • ROI was 470:1 and CPA c.15p for SEO
  • ROI for affiliate programmes of 1,300%