• Tredders is an independent footwear retailer established in 1979
  • Based in Northampton they specialise in town and country footwear
  • Due to their range and styles most of their sales were from events attended throughout the UK such as County Shows
  • Sales online were at a low level

  • Build an ecommerce site that could build the company’s online sales

  • Wireframes for key pages and to determine user flow
  • Design elements within the site that would enhance user experience
  • Features included complex filtering functionalities, coupons , discounts
  • Easy product categorisation so consumers could find products via different navigation throughout the site
  • Stock control system
  • Measuring portal performance i.e. key performing products, traffic generation, site engagement and sales
  • Online customer acquisition – plans and promotions
  • Optional quick checkout or full checkout cycle
  • Bespoke payment gateway integration where refunds can be done via the backend