• Yucoco is an independent company set up as an entrepreneurial venture
  • The business is purely online
  • The chocolate is produced by skilled chocolatiers using high quality, tasty Belgium chocolate
  • The site was launched in January 2014

  • Build an e-commerce site that would establish Yucoco as an online chocolatier for bespoke handmade chocolates that are perfect for gifts...and of course yu!

  • Client/Consultant team meetings to brainstorm plan
  • Graphic and textual visualisation/documentation of key elements
  • Incorporated e-commerce best practice
  • Bespoke cart functionality to handle the many variations a customer could choose base product plus toppings
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Bespoke work flow automation for handling orders
  • Measuring portal performance with site engagement and sales
  • Server and security management

  • Just launched!