Managing a PPC campaign is pretty much full-on; selecting and managing search terms, writing copy for the Adtext, monitoring performance by the hour and bid prices continuously, and of course reporting on the campaigns success and ROI. But don't worry, we do the whole thing for you.

We'll thoroughly analyse your company and its environment so we have a full understanding of your business needs. Then, we'll select productive keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product/service, brand, target audience and industry. Our copywriting team will create compelling ads and match them with the most effective landing pages (or recommend new ones if relevant).

We can manage pay per click campaigns on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to increase traffic to your website and your ROI.

Through our experience in traditional marketing, together with a full understanding of online media, Tornado Digital works with clients to create measurable and response driven online campaigns.

The media buying process is a two-phase system of constant research and optimisation. We work together with the media owners to deliver the best results. Our initial phase includes researching the most appropriate strategy for your target audience and developing the creative for placement on the web's leading search engines.

All sectors/verticals will have their own keywords grouping. We'll build a specific group of keywords to monitor performance and conversion. All will be tracked for performance and optimised on a day by day basis to maximise click through rates for the right audience.

'Power Bid', our bid management tool ensures you're paying the best price to achieve your goal and 'Power Stats' ensures we're optimising the campaign, leveraging the keywords that are converting. In this way we can track click-through rates and conversions and optimise cost per click to calculate the ROI.