Digital is the one area where you can prove the value of your marketing campaigns - everything is measurable. We'll tell you up front what we believe we can achieve, and if we can't do anything for you, we'll tell you, honestly.

Tornado develops digital strategies and campaigns that will drive business, with a key focus on revenue generation, improving ROI and reducing CPA.

We have the knowledge, experience, and staff to deliver the solution that's right for you, and that will keep you ahead of your competitors.
We'll look at the right solution be it SEO, PPC, Affiliates or another digital strategy, and when the results start coming in we'll review and optimise using all the tools at our disposal to ensure your result is the best result.
Here's a summary of some of our results:

  • For one client we knocked a long-standing, established brand in their sector off top place in the Google rankings for a hugely competitive, generic keyword.
  • For another we grew online bookings from 32% to 60% in 6 months.
  • We've produced year on year revenue growth of 380% during a recession (and no the base wasn't small!!).
  • Our SEO visitor traffic beat the traffic generated by the client's PPC agency, but being SEO our clicks were free.
  • We halved a hotel chains booking costs.
  • We've achieved a CPA of under 20p for an average transaction value of 75-100?
  • And we reduced a client's CPC by 35% compared to their previous PPC agency?
  • Finally, we're achieving a consistent return on investment of c. 1,250% for a company in a highly competitive market.

Want to achieve similar results?

Let us know your business challenges and objectives and we'll tell you what we can achieve, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

See our case studies or, better still call Richard Dowdle on 020 7193 7906 who will be able to explain them in more detail.