Increasingly today PR and SEO are working together, so it’s important these two parts of your business also work together.

Good quality links into your site are crucial, so adding online PR to a professional link building strategy, will improve your SEO success.

Of course, the larger the sites the greater the effect. Link building works best when you have one-way links from other quality sites directed to your own. They’re not easy to get and many companies have under-used this part of the SEO process.

PR and link building are natural partners as the dynamics of each are remarkably similar and, when used together with important keywords, they can produce great results.

Furthermore, they also both improve reputations, with link building improving a website’s reputation as far as the likes of Google is concerned, and PR improving a company’s reputation through positive media coverage.

If you get on the right sites these media outlets will have large audiences and they’ll be crawled regularly by search engines.

Importantly, the search engines can be reassured that the link and the website it points to are legitimate as it will have gone through an approval process to get there.

These news stories will stay online and will still be read months after the story itself. Plus the links the story creates will not only reach out to your target audience but also boost your search engine traffic.

And stories spread fast on the web, once issued an online press release will be adopted and commented on within minutes by others. Some smaller sites can also be important, they may not have the quantity but they’ll certainly have the quality if they’re highly targeted, an audience that’s often more passionate so generating even more links.

But to make this work it does need the PR professional and the SEO team to work together.

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