With 90% of Internet users using search, and 85% using Google, thatís where you have to beÖat the top. Itís the most cost-effective way of beating your competitors and driving profitable sales.

Around 80% of people searching donít get further than the first page, so if youíre not on it, youíve just lost 80% of your potential audience to the competition for starters.

Plus, around 75% of people prefer natural listings, rather than paid ones, because the results are quite simply more reliable. Letís face it how many times have you clicked on a sponsored link only to find youíre not where you wanted to be!

Of course not everyone can be at the top but Tornado Digital can help you get there. The competition on some keywords is immense and social media sites are increasingly appearing in the natural listings, including videos on the likes of YouTube. This makes it even more competitive.

With the increase in user-generated content youíre being bombarded from all angles, blogs, forums, reviews, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online PR from your competitors.

Thatís why you need SEO, ensuring your website is optimised to compete, getting you to the top of the rankings.

Once there you'll have increased visibility, which means more website visits, higher click-through rates, improved conversions and a higher return on investment.