For great results there's an SEO process that we find works, a process that normally takes a minimum of 4 months, although it does depend on the category and how competitive the sector is. But, no matter how competitive the main keywords, we can always start by leveraging 'long-tail keywords', as these are less competitive, cheaper and easier to get you up the rankings. Collectively they can bring as much traffic to your site as main sector keywords.

Whatever the spend on pay per click advertising, Tornado Digital recommends allocating at least 25%-35% of your spend, building a solid natural listing campaign. Very simply, once the natural listings are achieved the cost of the PPC campaign can be reduced by at least 25%.

We offer a competitor monitoring service that reviews competitor websites, indicating how they compare to your own. In this review you’ll learn about your competitors online services and identify ways of improving your site to ensure yours is the most effective in your industry.

Our research technology and thorough competitive reporting, combined with information on pricing and your competitors cost structure and changing online strategy, will give you the advantage you need.

Our organic search report will detail which search engines send the most traffic to competitor websites, as well as which naturally searched keyword phrases their visitors are using. This will help you decide where to focus your own search engine marketing efforts to increase your organic results and, in turn your market share and ROI.

SEO Consultancy

  • Our experience: Our overall experience and execution of different strategies will help improve your site’s ranking
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyse why your competitors, or other web pages, are ranking above your own

On-site change suggestions/implementation
  • Keyword Analysis: Identification of high-traffic keywords and related keyword
  • Website Analysis: Existing web pages optimised for search engines
  • Meta Changes: Changes to page titles, meta tags and descriptions and alt tags, as per the new keyword analysis
  • Content Revision: Content review of keyword density, frequency and distribution throughout site content
  • New Content Suggestion: Advice on new content strategy to improve ranking
  • Technical Improvements: Recommendation of technical changes to the site where there are issues relating to optimisation, including cleaning up html for the spiders to pick up the content from the website and other sitemap submissions
  • SEO Improvements: Advice on other functional improvements that would be a key to site ranking
  • Integrate Links: Implement key link changes, identifying 3rd party sites that, by nature of their audience, are relevant to your site and will be key in generating additional traffic

Off-site implementation

  • Manual link submissions requests: Contacting relevant sites/ webmasters directly to request a link
  • Competitive link research / acquisition: Our tools and methods identify how competitors earn links
  • Links via embeded content: Link builders generate widgets, awards for generating links from other websites, blogs, articles and discussions
  • Link partners: approaching related websites, competitor partners, relevant link partners, process partners that submit a link from the website, plus regular updates
  • Online PR and Social media: Link building strategy from online PR and social media

Increasing online conversions:
  • KPIs: Identify Key performance indicators to improve conversions
  • Multivariate tests: Perform various split tests of keywords, landing pages, offers
  • Navigational behaviour: Experience in over 15 tools to understand user navigational behaviour on websites