Forget complicated analytics, now you can monitor campaign success at a glance, in one page, all activities measured by unique reporting tools that compare results against the criteria you set.

You'll receive automated real-time reports sent directly to your inbox that shows visitor conversions, ROI and ROAS (return on advertising spend) for each online channel.

We’ll set up a ranking account for you with our specialist search engine ranking software and run an initial ranking mission to establish your site's ranking prior to the start of any optimisation.

Then we'll supply monthly search engine ranking reports that track site improvements on the main search engines and directories for selected search terms for a period of six or twelve months.

You'll see a report every two weeks for the first month following search engine submission, then monthly for the term of your contract. Here you'll see how you're performing against your main competitors (but in mind search engines can take anywhere between one and twelve weeks to list your site, so you may not notice immediate results).

We'll also prepare performance-based reports that show the number of visitors from SEO against previous periods. And, we'll send regular link reports, to show you which sites your linking with.

We'll also provide other important web stats to help you understand how your site is performing.

More about our reporting tool

Some analytics can be quite complicated, so we’ve built a be-spoke tool which we believe is unique in the market, and that generates a 1 page glance of your site’s success, yes all reports simplified into 1 page.

It compares visitors, conversions and revenue across different visitor source channels such as organic, PPC, affiliate, email, direct etc, over multiple periods (7 days, 14 days, 1 month etc). The same 1 page reports ROI metrics (conversion ratio, profit, cost per responder, cost per convertion, return on advertising spend etc) for each visitor channel in a simple manner with period by period comparisons.

Additional metrics show the contribution of each visitor channel to conversion and revenue, for example x% of revenue was generated from organic visitors and x% of revenue was generated from visitors that visited the website directly. This can be split to also show the brand’s contribution to this.

Finally, we can generate all manner of custom reports to suit your organisational requirements.

Our tools also reports in detail on Brands value contribution to organic and PPC campaigns