Social media comes in many different guises, from blogs and forums to Facebook and Twitter, and they provide invaluable links into your website to improve its ranking.

The fundamentals of SEO are relevance and authority with relevance being generated by content that has the right keywords (amongst other things). One of the best ways of generating content with quality links into your website is via blogs. Content on blogs is usually updated regularly and the search engines like this.

Another way is through the use of communities – discussion and comments on forums - again the continuous discussion is something that search engines will give your site a high score for if you’ve managed to generate a back link.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are also becoming totally inter-twined with SEO and are another great way of building high quality links into your site. You can use Twitter effectively as a PR outreach mechanism for link building and promotion.

You may have also noticed videos appearing when you search, making the likes of YouTube important too. Indeed YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google!! This increase in user-generated content though needs to be closely monitored as some ‘conversations’ picked up by the search engines may not be so positive, but when managed properly great benefits can be attained.

As we all know social media is becoming increasingly important in our lives and SEO is no exception and we share the widely held belief that SEO and social media will become an even more important source of search engine ranking in the future.

Social media tactics used by major websites